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After you have officially said "I do", only a few things remain to help remind you of the beauty of your day. Your dress is packed up, flowers are dried, and your rings are on your fingers. But, nothing helps bring back the feelings and memories of your amazing day like the wedding film we create for you.  Of course, we capture the major events of your wedding, as well as truly special moments with your wedding party and family--times when everyone is so full of joy and anticipation. And, we catch many things you may have missed throughout the day, because, let's face it, you were busy getting married!


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We are going to do something a little different. I personally hate it when people tell me what I can and can't  have - I want choices! And I think I may not be the only on out there that feels that way. So that is exactly what we are going to do! With two simplified packages, you get to decide what is important for you to have from your wedding day. Each package allows you to pick the choices that matter to you and are able to add on items to make your package actually YOUR package. Pretty cool, right?

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